About Emma

A little about Emma Migden Photography and how it all started…..

I became addicted to Photography around the age of 11 when I first picked up a camera and spent most of my time photographing anything and everything that came my way!  I was also (and still am) totally fascinated by old photos and how they freeze a particular moment in time.

I studied film, dark room techniques and the history of Photography and got my first photography job working as a black and white wet printer for a portrait studio based in the Chatham Historic Dockyard.

I have since worked as a professional Photographer in various studios (including my own for a while in Whitstable) where I converted from film to digital technology along the way (needless to say, things have changed a bit since then!)  

I’ve been a professional Photographer for over 15 years and feel especially lucky to have started out within the world of film, especially as I loved being in the darkroom where I would spend hours!   I also appreciate the importance of keeping up to date with the fast pace of an ever developing digital age and all that it offers and so find myself constantly looking around for fresh ideas and techniques.

As a wedding photographer I have a great deal of experience that helps to keep your day flowing whilst catching all of those vital and spontaneous moments.  I’m extremely passionate about what I do and am dedicated to providing you with a series of images that you will be able to look back on forever.

When I’m not taking photos, I love being outdoors on a beach, running in the mud, growing veggies, travelling & doing just about anything that involves food (although not all at the same time!!).   I am also a massive Smiths fan but try not to hold that against me!