Maternity Shoot//Camber Sands/Winter

Shoot two!

Feeling up for a second shoot and as Claire originally wanted her session outside, but due to it being early January  decided against it, we made a second date and headed off to Camber Sands, both a little nervous about how cold and blustery it was going to be for Claire carrying twins!!

When we arrived armed with warm coats, blankets and a few props we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find an absolutely calm, sunny and gorgeous beach waiting for us.  Claire was such a star shedding her coat in-between photos and even went bare legged paddling towards the sea with her mum on standby with huge coat, leggings and anything warm to wear immediately afterwards (Claire’s mum was amazing!).

I love it when people are up for having their photos taken and really appreciate that they might have to be a little cold or uncomfortable for a few minutes to get the most from their session 💗

I also love it when shoots are used to record very personal and special moments in peoples lives, as this was a double celebration with twins on the way but also that it was Claires 30th birthday the day of the shoot, bringing along lots of balloons to include into some photos too 🎈

maternity photos