Salmestone Grange//May Wedding

Lovely May wedding at Salmestone grange.   Heres a little bit about their day in their own words.

Wedding Blog Questionnaire

1/. Who were your main suppliers? 

Salmestone Grange, Margate: Salmestone was where we had our ceremony and reception afterwards. They served us drinks and canapes and then a buffet a little bit later. They provided table clothes, napkins, crockery, cutlery, a cake stand and a knife. They were great, before the day they were so attentive, nothing was too much trouble. Always there to answer any silly little question. On the day again they were attentive and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Emma Migden Photography: Emma arrived at about 2:30pm (I think!) and straight away started capturing our day, from us girls getting ready to the groom and groomsmen arriving then the guests arriving, the ceremony, formal pictures, pictures of us smooching, speeches, cake cutting and our first dance. She was amazing, really patient when guests kept disappearing when they were meant to be having pictures taken and when kids wouldn’t stand still! We were over the moon with our pictures, I know it’s cliché but she really did capture our day so we can remember it forever.

Nannie’s Homemade Cakes: Michelle is my bridesmaid’s mum but she has her own business making cakes for some small businesses as well as birthday, wedding and anniversary cakes. She spent a lot of time with us designing our perfect cake and letting us try some different flavours. We were really pleased with our cake on the day and the guests said they enjoyed it.

Bridal Way, Ramsgate: Keeley and her mum at Bridal Way were amazing, they made the experience of choosing my wedding dress really special. I always felt like a queen when I was there. They never rushed me and took time to make sure I was happy with my dress and accessories like the veil and haircomb. Choosing a dress for any girl can be daunting but when you’re bigger there’s the added worry of not fitting in anything and being judged but I never felt like that with Keeley or her mum, I was treated the same as anyone else. 

Slaters Suits and Suit Hire: Slaters were great with us, my husband fell in love with a suit but it didn’t quite fit right. They rang some of their other stores and found a size which would fit better and got it sent to that store. They also offer free alterations which is great so he got it talored so it fit him perfectly. Our best man’s suit was also from there and again he was offered free taloring to make sure it fit well. 

Secret Garden Florists: I got quotes from two florists but I just found Secret Garden Florists were more interested in what we wanted. Flowers weren’t the most important thing for me when planning the wedding but I did want some and I did want them to be right! Secret Garden didn’t disappoint! I don’t really know a lot about flowers but I had some idea that I wanted a wildflower/English garden type look. Our bridesmaid’s dresses were red and so everything kind of matched that. Secret Garden did some beautiful bouquets with red carnations and roses, green chrysanthemums and gypsophela. They also did buttonholes and corsages as well as some arrangements in jars to decorate the venue.

Etsy: We got some brilliant bits and pieces from Etsy for example, save the dates and invites, fun cards to put on the tables, a card box and special keepsake-type presents for the wedding party.

2/. Why did you chose your venue?

Originally we went to Salmestone Grange for a wedding fair and we met Jane one of the coordinaters. She asked the usual questions like had we found a venue and set a date which we hadn’t. To be honest we never thought we would be able to afford a wedding venue so hadn’t really thought about Salmestone. She said that we could book an appointment to go and have a look around and discuss the options of what we’d like and so that’s what we did. 

We met with Della and looked around again. Well! We fell in love with the venue that day! Della said we could keep costs down by having a later ceremony and buffet. I think by that point we were sold but the only problem was the chapel could only hold 80 people max and Della said it was much more comfortable with 70 max. We had made a list of people we wanted to invite to the ceremony and it was much more than 80. So we went away and discussed it. We also said that we should look at other places to make sure we didn’t like anywhere more. 

We didn’t…… By the following week we had booked Salmestone!! We managed to get the guestlist down which sounds bad but it wasn’t!! There were some people that we realised wouldn’t have come to the wedding anyway as they are elderly and find it difficult to travel and some people that would have caused trouble so we took them off the list. 

3/. What was your wedding theme/style & why?

We wanted our wedding to be a big party basically! Originally we thought about having a registry office ceremony or a church ceremony and then finding a function room or hall to have a party and celebrate. So we didn’t have a theme as such. I’d say our colour scheme was red as that’s what colour the bridesmaid’s dresses were and so we matched the groom’s and groomsmen’s bowtie and ties to the dresses and some other little bits but we weren’t obsessed with everything matching. We picked things we liked and arranged it in a way we thought looked nice! I’d say it turned out a bit rustic/shabby chic just by what we picked but we didn’t aim for anything.

4/. Did you make anything for the wedding?

I kind of made things. Our favours were little pillow boxes that we bought online. We had to glue them together then I wrote on them in nice writing and filled them with sweets and chocolates. I also did a couple of signs on chalk boards such as ‘sign our guestbook’ and ‘photobooth’. I wrote on them in liquid chalk. I bought some placecards and wrote on them in nice writing. My favourite thing I did though was our pallet signs, one was ‘Welcome to the Wedding of Mike and Kate’ and the other one was timings and what was happening for example ‘4:30 Ceremony’. I painted them with chalkboard paint and then wrote on them with liquid chalk in nice writing. I got the idea from Pinterest and I didn’t think I could do it so was quite proud of them.

5/. Did any family or friends make anything or did you borrow anything?

My mum-in-law helped glue the favours together. I also borrowed a ring from her as my ‘something borrowed’. I borrowed my mum’s pearls. Finally we borrowed a sweet trolley, jars, scoops and a sign from my mum’s work mate. 

6/. What were your most memorable highlights?

There were loads!! Seeing my family and friends all together was amazing, I loved that. My dad and step-mum seeing my dress for the first time. The ceremony was brilliant, I remember standing outside waiting to go in and feeling overwhelmed. When my dad and I walked down the aisle I couldn’t quite believe it was happening, I just remember grinning like an idiot haha! My brother singing the hymn really loud! Our priest was great, made it fun but serious at the appropriate times. Right at the end of the ceremony he held up his folder for us to read something out loud and loads of stuff fell out on the floor. Well! We all fell about laughing. It was exactly what we wanted, nothing too perfect. We’ll always remember that. The speeches were great, I was so proud of my husband as I knew he was so nervous but he did great! The part which made the reception for me, not the first dance or cutting the cake……but my cousin lifting our friend in the air whilst ‘(I’ve had) the time of my life’ was playing. Like ‘the lift’ scene from the film Dirty Dancing. It was classic!!

7/. What was the best part of your day?

I can’t really say which was the best part, probably the ceremony. Seeing my future husband waiting for me at the altar and having all our family and friends there to see us become husband and wife. It was surreal and amazing all at the same time.

9/. What was your first dance and why?

Our first dance was a Muse song called Starlight. My husband found an acoustic version of it which we thought would be better as a first dance song as the original is a bit more rock-y. The reason we chose that song was that it was one of our favourites from when we first got together. We love listening to music loud whilst driving about and this was one of those songs we listened to. We love the lyrics too, for example, ‘My life, you electify my life’.

10/. How would you sum up your day?

A blur if I’m honest!! But really, full of love and really good fun.

11/. Would you like to add anything?

To anyone reading this who hasn’t got married yet; try and have a moment to take it all in. Everyone says it goes by so quickly but nothing quite prepares you until the day. Don’t stress over little things, as long as you’re both there and well and your loved ones are there and well then it’ll be fine. It’s a funny feeling; the days leading up to it, the actual day and being married. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before and it’s also the best!