About Me


(Photos above of me generally hanging out of windows & climbing things!)


My passion for photography started from an early age, delving into great big boxes full of old family photos and was completely mesmerised, to see the faces of past generations frozen in time.


I soon became obsessed and began taking photos of everyone and everything, dressing up school friends in crazy outfits and experimenting with home made studios! I now have my own great big boxes of photos and some very funny memories that are great to look back on.

I studied film, darkroom techniques and the history of Photography and got my first photography job as a wet printer for a portrait studio in the Chatham Historic Dockyard.

I'm so grateful to have started as a film photographer and loved spending hours in the darkroom dodging and burning and rocking trays.


I've been a professional Photographer for over 15 years, specialising mainly in weddings portraiture & some commercial work too.


Photography has changed so much, with the introduction of digital technology and with hundreds of images now being able to be taken in one sitting, it's definitely given photography a new lease of life - allowing a story to be told beyond a few set images.


I really appreciate the importance of keeping up to date with an ever developing (no pun intended!) industry and have always been open to new ideas, styles and approaches.


I'm extremely passionate about what I do and am dedicated in providing images that you will be able to keep looking back on forever.


When I'm not taking photos, I love being outdoors, running in the mud, growing veggies, travelling & doing just about anything that involves food (although not all at the same time!).


I would love to hear from you!