Botany Bay – Kent Wedding Photography

6th July 2019
Botany Bay – Kent Wedding Photography
Paige & Jacob

Botany Bay - Kent Wedding Photography

The lovely wedding of Paige & Jacob.  
These two were an absolute joy to work with and I loved being apart of their day.
I knew from my first meeting them, at the Botany Bay wedding fair 2 years before, that they are exactly the kind of couple that I enjoy working with.

Both were so excited talking about their wedding plans and had so many ideas for what they wanted.  I have also never seen such a well organised and incredible bridal prep.
The amount of work that went into the display of bridesmaids dresses and shoes alone was incredible.  Not to mention the garden that hosted a drinks, popcorn and sweets bar for all of the bridesmaids to enjoy too!

Thanks for being so lovely throughout and also for my box of chocolates too!  Congratulations x

Where did you meet?
We met at our first part-time jobs whilst we wee still studying (Next)

The proposal?
December 2016 on a trip to New York for Christmas.  We took a walk to see the Christmas lights one last time on our night there and Jake proposed by the Rockefeller Tree.

Why did you chose your venue?
We love the seaside and wanted to incorporate it within the day somehow

Did you have a particular style or theme?
Not really, just went with was matched!

What was your first dance track?
Fly me to the moon – frank Sinatra 

Most memorable highlight?
Just after getting married and travelling off in Hector (campervan, Retro rides for brides) for our first alone time together on the wedding day

Did you make anything or borrow anything?
Made eachother’s rings for the day

How would you sum up your day?
A lovely day that we wish we could do all over again!

Do you have any planning tips/advise for other couples?
Just to enjoy every second, as you only get the day once!

From your experience what would you say was the most important things to have/include/remember/recommend?
Having Emma as a photographer!
Make sure to take it all in and try and stick together to enjoy the day. We made a promise we would stick together to avoid losing each-other on the day so each person we spoke to we went and done it together! 

Botany Bay – Kent Wedding Photography – ☎︎ Emma Migden Photography
video – Andy Bird
Cake – Fairy dust bakery
Hair – Active Hair (my mobile hairdresser I have had since I was around 11/12 years old!
Makeup – Bethany Emily
Bridesmaids Dresses – Chi Chi London
VW Camper – Retro Rides For Brides
Rings – Made ourselves (for each-other), with A B Jewellery in Broadstairs 


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