Lympne Castle – Kent Wedding

26th July 2019
Lympne Castle – Kent Wedding
Laura & Ian

Lympne Castle - Kent Wedding

Welcome to Laura & Ian’s beautiful wedding at Lympne Castle.

The morning started off with rain showers and kept us on our toes, wondering if we would get to see an outside ceremony.
 However, luck prevailed and the sun came out in all of it’s glory, just as Laura was getting into her wedding dress.

In fact it became so hot,  that Ian and the guests sat roasting,  as they waited for the ceremony to begin.  
Although, paper fans left on chairs beforehand, were a great way to keep everybody cool.

The ceremony was incredibly moving and was streamed live, back home to Laura’s mum, who got to watch everything as it happened and share the moment alongside everybody else.  Which was very special.

Ian is originally from New Zealand and loved that they paid tribute, flying a flag at the front of the castle.  It’s always lovely to see the personal touches that make every wedding truly unique.


I had a great time capturing Laura & Ian’s fabulous day and got to work alongside Andrew Kent from BBV video.  We offer a joint photo and video package which always works well.
In fact the whole day was brilliant fun and laughed a lot during the photos. Which is by far the best way!


☎︎ Lympne Castle – Kent Wedding Photographer:  Emma Migden Photography


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