Marleybrook House Wedding Photography

24th May 2019
Marleybrook House Wedding Photography
Natasha & Danny

Marleybrook House Wedding Photography

This wedding is an absolute favourite of mine.  I really loved Tasha & Danny and everything they had planned for their day.

Marleybrook House is a great wedding venue, hidden amongst the Kent countryside near Canterbury.  It has fabulous grounds and lots of quirky detail, including a vintage funfair and beach!

Tasha looked beautiful in her stunning bespoke wedding dress and had the biggest smile that beamed all day.  They both looked so happy as they said their vows in an intimate, outdoors ceremony.  
And were great fun, especially in the evening when they ventured onto all of the rides!

Thank you so much for having me as your photographer and for being amazing throughout x

Where did you meet?
Danny and I met in 2007 through mutual friends at our local “Yates” (old school now).  Embarrassingly so, fueled by wine, I made the initial move and asked for his number. The rest, as they say, is history  

The proposal?
Fast forward to 10 years later, we are in our late 20’s and living together in this gorgeous flat.  Danny booked a trip to Iceland and on our first night we had a private tour chasing the Northern Lights.  We were so fortunate that on this night, the lights were spectacular and could be viewed as far as Essex. Our driver had taken us to this secluded area we were standing on a frozen lake surrounded by snow capped mountains avidly watching the sky turn purple, red, green.  While I was looking up, Danny had got to one knee BUT I had assumed he had fallen on the ice, so I was diligently trying to help him up.  When Danny asked me to marry him, I assumed he was trying to make fun of his fall so told him to stop being silly while laughing.  Once he pulled out a beautiful ring I realised he was indeed sincere and said yes immediately.  It was the perfect proposal and memories I will treasure forever.

Why did you chose your venue?
On somewhat of a whim, we decided to visit Marleybrook House to kick start our wedding plans.  We have both agreed that whatever happened we would not book a date and would carefully think through our options.  We did not stick to that plan at all. The venue was just perfect and we instantly fell in love with all of it. It encompassed everything we wanted for our day and had a fun quirky edge that suited our style to a T. I will also add that over the 2 year planning of our wedding as well as the day itself, the team at Marleybrook, were faultless and went above and beyond to make the process as stress free and effortless as possible.  This venue is a must see for any newly engaged couple.

Did you have a particular style or theme?
I went into the whole process pretty open minded.  The venue already had so much character and detail that we decided to go with the flow and enhance what was already there.  We had the most amazing fun fair complete with a big wheel, putting green, vintage boat swings, haystacks, prosecco bar…to name a few items.  Marleybrook had then added a beach after we had booked so obviously, I needed that too.  I tried to let our suppliers work their magic without me telling them specifics which I found made it a lot less stressful for me and they got to be as creative and masterful.  All our suppliers were amazing and in particular our florist who made some of the most gorgeous creations.  To be honest, the whole wedding planning was made into a pleasure because of the team of suppliers we had supporting us.

What was your first dance track?
We love music and that has been a true constant in our 15 years together – although my taste is probably more eclectic than Danny’s pure Indie/Rock love affair. Surprisingly we don’t really have “a song” so we listened to so many songs and agreed that Ed Sheeran’s Perfect felt like a real story of us.  We chose the version with Beyonce, because well…Beyonce.

Most memorable highlight?
This is a tough question as I have so many memory nuggets that I will treasure forever.  My dad crying when he saw me for the first time, Danny and I exchanging our vows and finally becoming husband and wife.  What Marleybrook arranged, and this really does epitomise the thought they put into the day, is immediately after we can walked back up the aisle as a married couple (to Bruno Mars Marry You), we are whisked into their beautiful barn for a glass of champagne and just 10min to ourselves to digest what we have done and just bask in it all without interruption.  

How would you sum up your day?
The day was a dream, so full of love and fun.  I would relieve it all in a heartbeat.

Do you have any planning tips/advise for other couples?
Don’t over think the details, no one remembers the small details (not sure I even remember some of them).  I really recommend carefully picking your team of suppliers as they will be the difference between stressFULL and stressFREE wedding planning.  If you have a great team around you, they will have all the experience and if you give them the space they can really make your day extra special.

I can not emphasise enough how important it is to have a great photographer. When the day is over and you are reliving your magical day, you will treasure those photos as its the only physical memory you will have left.  Emma is just wonderful and managed to be everywhere and capture not only our moments but the moment we were missing.  I cannot recommend Emma enough and treasure every photo (an there were many).

Above all, have fun and remember that the day will be full of love regardless if you pick every song or flower of the day.

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